Brief: To replicate the Customer Christmas catalogue experience online, through well shot, stylised imagery, and logical product partnering.By simplifying Christmas into predefined categories that made it easier for the customer to navigate, I organised and art directed a series of eight photoshoots – For Him, For Her, For Kids, For the Home, For Christmas, For your Stocking, For the Christmas Table and Christmas Tech. All shots included at least twenty products to show range and variety, and all were shot against a different coloured backdrop. Through image mapping, the customer would then be directed to the product for further information and to add to basket. If the item was out of stock, an apology message would appear above a jump list of at least five alternate product choices.

This was the first time the customer had been presented with a variety of shopping experiences – either the standardised jumplist, or the more visual microsite. The concept proved effective and the microsite alone took £1.8 million in that calendar quarter.

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