Brief: To skin the existing Victor Chandler Casino for a very special and unique client – none other then “Mr Blacks”.

Brief: To pitch alongside the Conchango agency to design the new Tesco Clothing website.

Brief: To create a cross product campaign to publicize the Cheltenham festival, through a microsite, Newspaper campaign and series of banner ads.

Brief: To replicate the Customer Christmas catalogue experience online, through well shot, stylised imagery, and logical product partnering.

Brief: To create a visual identity for the new Tesco Flowers and Plants site. This needs to present the customer with a definite tone and feel – elegant and sophisticated, minimal and floaty.

Brief: to develop a brand for Tesco Wines that aims to compete alongside the Wine Society, Laithwaites and Virgin Wines. Build upon the traditional values Tesco provides its customers with, whilst creating an element of prestige & sophistication that would appeal to an affluent target market.