Brief: As the company moves into the International market, the decision has been made to further develop the brand under the name BetVictor – a “Ronseal” approach, making the aim of the company instantly recognizable across a variety of languages.

The aim was to learn from the difficulties previously experienced with the Victor Chandler logo and create a design that worked in multiple instances. As a script, the previous iteration struggled at small resolutions and as it was created from a stylized version of Victor’s signature, there was never the luxury of writing anything other than his name. This logo needed to use an existing font, to work at all resolutions, and to be clean and simple in order to prevent it dating too quickly. For this to work it was important not to follow key trends, and use lower case lettering as many companies had taken to doing, but to follow the more old school caps approach adopted by logos that have stood the test of time – IBM, JVC, SAMSUNG, TESCO to name but a few.

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